1. Councilors of Wum Council Adopt 2016 Administrative and Management Account
  2. Wum Council benefits 4.2km of farm to market road at Aguli
  3. Wum Council on the Highway of inclusive development
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Wum Council was created in 1948 as Wum Native Authority (NA) covering Kom, Fungom, Furu-Awa, Beba-Befang and the Esimbi areas, the name changed to Wum Area Council in 1964 with headquarters in Wum headed by an elected chair person. The Kom area was carved out to form the Kom-Bum Area Council. In 1974, the Council became Wum Rural Council headed by an appointed Council Administrator. Then in 1993, Wum Area Council was carved out into four councils according to the four Sub Divisions in Menchum Division namely, Furu-Awa, Fungom, Benekuma and Wum Rural Councils.
By virtue of Law No. 2004/22nd of July 2004 to lay down rules applicable to Councils, Wum Rural Council is now known as Wum Council.
Wum Municipality is located between latitude 6N and 7N and longitude 9E and 10E and situated in Menchum Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. This Municipality has a surface area of 776.67 km square with a total population of over 80,000. Wum is located some 83km from Bamenda Town the Regional capital of the North West.

Villages that make up the Wum Council
It is worth noting here that, the Wum Council is made up of the following villages that are endowed with rich agricultural, environmental, tourist, economic and cultural heritage, that generate revenue to the council in the absence of industrial activities.

  1. Kesu
  2. Naikom
  3. Magha
  4. Cheregha
  5. Zongofu
  6. Wa’azoh
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